Pet Wellness Care Center


At Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital, we believe in the adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Our pets cannot tell us if they are feeling ill, which is why regular wellness exams are so important. Early detection of disease, along with prevention, is the best way to add years of enjoyment for you and your pet. While wellness care is ultimately based on the individual needs of each patient, annual checkups, preventive treatments, and weight management form the basis of all of our wellness programs.

Pet Wellness Exams

Regular veterinary wellness exams mean much more than just getting vaccinations. They are recommended for the same reason your physician and dentist recommend them for you: to detect health problems before they become serious illnesses. Regular exams and testing allow us to monitor for small but significant health changes. Don’t wait until you have to rush to a dog hospital Staten Island or cat hospital Staten Island.

What can you expect at a wellness exam?

  • A thorough physical exam
  • Applicable vaccinations based on your pet’s risk of disease exposure
  • Recommended screening tests based on your pet’s breed, age, lifestyle, and overall health
  • dental exam
  • Recommendations for flea, tick, and heartworm control
  • An evaluation of your pet’s diet and nutritional health

As your pet ages, wellness exams become even more important. A year in a dog or cat’s life is equivalent to six or seven years in its owner’s life.

If you must bring your pet to one of the Staten Island New York Veterinarians, please think about making Pleasant Plains your New York Staten Island Veterinary Hospital. We offer compassionate care to the pets visiting us as we too are pet owners and treat these four legged creatures as our best friends.

Our doctors are happy to talk to you about feeding practices and dietary selection for any stage of the life of your pet. 

Contact us for more information on pet wellness care or to schedule an appointment for your animal companion.